Monday, September 15, 2008

prophets at work

prophets at work
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this blog seemed to be on a little bit of a hiatus, eh? well, that just reflected what late summer at langton labs was like: burning man season, where everything else is on hold! the entire population of langton headed out to that little party in the middle of the desert (excepting those in asia and one unfortunate housemate who sold his ticket at the last minute; he claims he got good work done at least).

langtonites and friends camped in many places on the playa; many of us camped with True Prophet (4:30 and A), and in fact langton became the unofficial TP SF HQ. in the final weeks and days before the burn, burners showed up from around the country and the globe and started sleeping on every available surface in the house. the main space filled with noise and sawdust as mike et al erected the camp's authentic Inner Mongolian yurt (TM). we made playa-tech furniture, packed boxes and bags, planned musical adventures, and eventually headed off to the playa.

(more of my true prophet prep pics)

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